Getting started

The first section of the documentation will get us starting with the application. First, we will discover the different concept defined by Vizyr. Then, we will create a simple configuration to control and monitor a robot.



A robot in Vizyr is a mobile robot. It is a machine that can be moved within your factory or warehouse. Vizyr is compatible with several robot brands. We can mention MiR robots or all ROS compatible robots (Robot Operating System). A robot is be able to receive orders and you can follow all its activities on Vizyr.



A blueprint is a map of your warehouse or factory. It can be a map from a mapping done by a robot or an architect's plan. A blueprint represents a site and must include the entire area where you want to use the robots. Only one blueprint can be active at any given time.



A map is a set of traffic rules that will allow robots to move around your premises. There are different types of roads. Only one map can be active at a time.



A mission defines what a robot must do. A mission is a series of actions and conditions. Actions allow robots to do things: go to a point, send a web request. The conditions allow robots to choose.



A location is a point of interest in the map. It can be several types of point:

  • A point to which the robot must go on a mission.
  • A point to which the robot must go to recharge its batteries.

Simple configuration

Connect to a robot

First we need to connect to a robot. To do so we weed to go to the robot screen and click on the [+] button.


We will arrive to a form with different fields to fill to create our robot. Choose a name for the robot and select the model. Depending of the model we will have more information about to the robot to fill like IP address, username, password...


Click on the create button.


We will arrive to a page with information about the robot.


Import a blueprint

First we need to add a blueprint to Vizyr. There are two ways to do this.

  • We can import a blueprint from our computer, see how to create a blueprint.
  • We can import a blueprint directly from the robot.

For the getting started we are going to use the second method. Go to the blueprint screen in the robot.


We will see a blueprint available in the robot.

Warning: If instead of a blueprint there is an error message, go to the section how to create a blueprint to import a blueprint from our computer.


We will click on the create blueprint button in the action bar on top to import the blueprint into Vizyr.


This will create a new blueprint and redirect us to the editor.


Create a map

Next step, we need to add some rules of how our robots will circulate in the environnement. Click on the create map button in the action bar on top to create a new map.


This will redirect us to the map screen.


We will choose the free area in the tool bar on the left


We will draw a free area above all the map to start. And click on the save button on the action bar on the top.


Create a target location

Next thing we need to create a location. A location is a point where the robot will be able to go. Click on the location button in the tool bar on the left.


With the mouse pointer select where the location is going to be and click. This will add point to the map.


By default when we create a new location we also create a new mission that is simply go to this location.

Select the map

Only one map can be selected at a time. First, we need to go to settings.


In the Select map section click on the button.


The button will change color and the map will be selected.


Add mission to queue

Click on Back to main to return to the application home and click on the Tasks menu.


Click on the play button on the mission on left.


This will add a mission in the mission queue waiting.


After a while, the robot will take to mission.


When the mission is preempt we will click on the map button.


In this screen we can follow the robot, where is it and where it is going. To have more information about this screen go take a look there.


Doing more

This was a simple example of how to configure Vizyr to send mission to one robot. In the rest of this documentation we will see further features on robots, blueprints, maps, missions and how to take further Vizyr when the system is running.