How to create a blueprint

There are two ways of creating a blueprint.

Import the blueprint from a computer

We are going to click on the blueprint menu when we are at the home of the application.


We are going to click on the [+] button.


We will arrive to a page with a form, with a field for the name of the blueprint and another one to import the map from the computer. We will click on Browse, a dialog window will open to let us select the file.


After we have chosen the file we want we will click on Create. This will open the newly created blueprint.


Import the blueprint from the robot

Click on the robot you want to import the _blueprint from.


Go to the blueprint screen in the robot.


We will see a blueprint available in the robot.

Warning: If instead of a blueprint there is an error message, go to the section how to create a blueprint to import a blueprint from our computer.


We will click on the Create blueprint button in the action bar on top to import the blueprint into Vizyr.


This will redirect us to the blueprint screen.